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pink ruffles


pink ruffles

I originally bought this fabric to make a top for last years pride party.

It cost me 6 bucks. This is what it became. I wore it for rock star theme night. It was a hit paired with ginormous glasses.

Dressing up is so much fun!

butterfly sarong

This sarong was made by me. I had bought this fabric over a year ago and was determined to find a use for it.

I hung it on a wall and patiently drew the butterfly.

Not only did it serve as a sarong for myself it makes a great purse and looks stunning on my playmate.

Butterflies are so beautiful and fragile … so are we!

pink crystal hat

crystal pink hatpink crystal hat is a new addition to costume for my upcoming Hedo trip. We are never too old to dress up, show off your individuality and have fun.

This mini hat took 10 hours to put together. It will glitter in the light and reminds us of a cabaret costuming.  Thinking I will wear with some frilly hot pants. Voila a perfect outfit for Hedo.

Getting back to sun and sand in lovely Jamaica mon. What will be created is yet to be seen. I’m so excited.


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