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pride 2015

pride 2015

pride 2015

pride 2015 side

pride 2015 side

pride 2015 o'view

pride 2015 o’view

Pride is a celebration of acceptance and freedom to be all you are.

Many have fought for equal rights and it is wonderful we have come this far!

One day I hope to see no discrimination.

We can all dream… let’s project love and educate ourselves and be tolerant. We all breathe, live and have a right for a peaceful life.

three’s company

three's company

three’s company

three's company front

three’s company front

three's company side

three’s company side

three's company o'view

three’s company o’view

three's company o'side

three’s company o’side

three's company peeking from the bush

three’s company peeking from the bush

Pride week and the beach is bustling with tons of hot flesh.

It always sizzles at Hanlan’s but the mood is a little more fun and slightly dangerous. No real danger except for all the temptation.

Well, i found this sculpture fitting , it just became.

Be proud of who you are regardless of what they say, wear what you want,look how you want and get out of the box.

Pride is about freedom and respect for all.

Happy Pride! Ya mon!

poppy on love seat

Dolls provide fun and entertainment for many children.

As a child i had a habit of tearing off their heads as i would rather be climbing around in the junkyards or playing tag in the laneways with the boys.  Now i  like to dress up as a doll.

Barbie, you have not a chance with me.

Poppy was on a loveseat with her head by her side.

By the way the beads were given to me as i was showing boobies… heee hee hee.

three hunks

After all it was pride week and boys were galavanting everywhere. I say the more boys the better.

Three hunks were hung, sexy and entertained many.

I adore the energy of our city during pride.

It really is the best outdoor party that TO hosts.

Happy pride to all!



pride 2011

Pride 2011. Yeah! The energy was incredible. The people were in attendance and what a turn out. The music was roaring and the bodies were sweating to the rhythms of the beats. Spectacular once again.
I adore this day as people are so expressive with costumes and are a little less inhibited (does it have anything to do with the nectar of the gods? most likely).
Being of the free nature i always take advantage of the no shirt required rule.
Ladies if you do not take advantage of your liberties they may be taken away!
I am comfortable and know that many may not be so self confident and in this world of twitter, facebook and  whatever else, some people must protect there anonymity. Unfortunately we are still judged and many of us must protect our images.
What a shame? What image does a woman who is topless portray?
I would say she is confident, strong and beautiful. No negativity at all.
The world may think she is loose and sleazy and some may be uncomfortable by someone else’s nudity.
The more we get accustomed to different ways of being the more they do not matter. Seeing people dressed, nude, semi-clothed.
All the same to me.
Get used to it and get over it i say.
I drew two little hearts on my boobies and coloured them in pink to match my pink crystal hat.
Pride was a hit !!!

artist at pride


This was one tight body! Thank-you , you know who you are for giving me a quick pose to ensure the proper proportions and lines.

Continuing a subject fellow beachgoers enjoy and thinking of the pride celebrations submit was born.

If you really loved someone would you do anything for them?

Submit leaves me feeling like taking advantage of that.

One surrendering all is pure and beautiful. Think of the possibilities.Endless… time permitting.


Pride week and all. Time to reflect and open our minds.

Hermaphi has all the important body parts. A perfect , complete person in my view.

It does not matter what gender we are, what body parts we come equipped with. The biggest sexual organ is the brain.

People are wonderful and amazing. Let’s love whoever we want regardless.

As if our sexuality is anyone’s business. Get busy and love and let others do so.

Funny how i found these beads lying around the beach. Someone’s broken necklace became the letters for my message.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.  Look around and you will see a purpose for many things. Beauty can come of many hidden objects, of which the imagination has the power to unleash.

Happy Pride !!!

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