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nymphs modified


The weather was perfect for snow sculpture on this day. The nymphs were in the yard and I couldn’t keep my hands off them.

They were alive and so different in all kinds of light. You could almost imagine them being able to move around. Forget that they are armless, headless and legless… they were sexy.

 In the daytime they looked like white marble.

the nymphs

 The nymphs are quite lovely just posed in their splendour.

 I should have done this one in the front yard. Although my retired neighbour might order an exorcism from the local priest if she was witness to these blasphemies.

 The weather was perfect and the snow co-operated. Yeah!

Playing outside gives us a sense of life. The sun,the air… amazing.

layla on Saturday

It was the first snowfal of 2011 and i could not resist the temptation of playing in the snow. Layla was born on saturday. Although the snow was not of excellent conditions (details impossible ) she still had life. Boy was she cold.

2009 Winter – Ice Sculpture

'ice goddess' - 2009; Downtown (Toronto, Ontario)

2008 Winter – Ice Sculpture

'frontal nudity' - 2009; Downtown (Toronto, Ontario)

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