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dee’s beachnecklace

dee’s beachnecklace

Dee is far but never forgotten.

The colours are alive and vivid. Much thought placed on how shades will compliment her fire red hair and glowing skin.

Friends are made every day and some go on to other adventures but they still remain in our hearts and thoughts.

Friends are precious.

pink ruffles


pink ruffles

I originally bought this fabric to make a top for last years pride party.

It cost me 6 bucks. This is what it became. I wore it for rock star theme night. It was a hit paired with ginormous glasses.

Dressing up is so much fun!

butterfly sarong

This sarong was made by me. I had bought this fabric over a year ago and was determined to find a use for it.

I hung it on a wall and patiently drew the butterfly.

Not only did it serve as a sarong for myself it makes a great purse and looks stunning on my playmate.

Butterflies are so beautiful and fragile … so are we!

pride 2011

Pride 2011. Yeah! The energy was incredible. The people were in attendance and what a turn out. The music was roaring and the bodies were sweating to the rhythms of the beats. Spectacular once again.
I adore this day as people are so expressive with costumes and are a little less inhibited (does it have anything to do with the nectar of the gods? most likely).
Being of the free nature i always take advantage of the no shirt required rule.
Ladies if you do not take advantage of your liberties they may be taken away!
I am comfortable and know that many may not be so self confident and in this world of twitter, facebook and  whatever else, some people must protect there anonymity. Unfortunately we are still judged and many of us must protect our images.
What a shame? What image does a woman who is topless portray?
I would say she is confident, strong and beautiful. No negativity at all.
The world may think she is loose and sleazy and some may be uncomfortable by someone else’s nudity.
The more we get accustomed to different ways of being the more they do not matter. Seeing people dressed, nude, semi-clothed.
All the same to me.
Get used to it and get over it i say.
I drew two little hearts on my boobies and coloured them in pink to match my pink crystal hat.
Pride was a hit !!!

artist at pride

walkin’ disco ball ensemble

walkin' disco ball ensemble

This outfit took me about 15 hours to put together. Gathering paillettes and patiently sewing row after row. First worn for pride 2009. The top converts to a head visor and when you shake your booty in these shorts they hear and see you coming. This is a fun, fun,fun outfit that always gets comments. The only drawback is sitting  and cars can get distracted during the day light.

pink crystal hat

crystal pink hatpink crystal hat is a new addition to costume for my upcoming Hedo trip. We are never too old to dress up, show off your individuality and have fun.

This mini hat took 10 hours to put together. It will glitter in the light and reminds us of a cabaret costuming.  Thinking I will wear with some frilly hot pants. Voila a perfect outfit for Hedo.

Getting back to sun and sand in lovely Jamaica mon. What will be created is yet to be seen. I’m so excited.


krazee kimono

I so adore the kimono. Perfect for dinner parties,dates and after the beach. The sleeves are so practical as they can hold all kinds of things. Let your imagination inspire you.
Dressing should be fun and expressive. Go wild.

krazee kimono

friendship beachnecklace

This necklace  captures the energy of lights and the sun. On a gloomy day you can stare at the beads and your imagination will fly to far off lands. An escape in the mind.

Wear it long, on the side or put it around your neck twice/three times.It even serves as a bracelet. Gave away a few this year just to spread some love around.

skull bloomers

As an admirer of doll clothing, I could not resist the bloomer idea. This was costume for pride 2010. Using a potato, carving the design then hand printing each skull. Additionally I added fancy elastic and garter hooks, et voila.  Makes a great summer wardrobe piece.

skull bloomers

Making garments by hand

Over the last few years, I’ve started making more and more of my own costumes and garmets.  I will post pictures with information about each piece – materials, cost, process to make it and the total time it took.  I look forward to your comments and feedback … and custom orders! *wink wink*

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