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Thanks M.

She never reached adulthood but was laid to rest on her favourite beach.

Egyptian beaches were far too prudish for her.

This day rocked me emotionally as i witnessed a toddler destroying “sweet sluts” as the dad stood by and watched.

Parents watch your children and teach them well.

Too many of us are ignored and therefore do not learn proper socializing with others.

sweet sluts


One was small chested the other was volumptuous. The best of both worlds.

The nipples were carefully picked from the shore with red sand.

The effect was sweet… hoping if they were real they would like to play.

Sluts rock ! Ya mon.


I love this word. It sounds so nasty and nasty can be so sweet!

Two hotties inspired to play by all the hot action on the beach.

Have i ever mentioned how hot some of the fellow beach comers are.


my left foot

Indeed i used it as my model, i am meaning my left foot of course. Unfortunately it was attached to me and i could not view it from every angle…

Dante to the rescue, Thank-you. He guided me with some of the angles.

This was my second attempt at a big foot.  Feet like hands are quite complex so this is always a test of patience.

I was content with the final result. Look at the footprints in the picture to actually imagine the size.

The next day there were child’s footprints on it and a crushed toe.

People are curious and do not understand how delicate these art works actually are. But they find out…

Curiosity killed the cat.

serpent protecting pussy


Have heard comments such as “how do you think up all these ideas as they are so original”… truth is inspiration in the life around me.

The people dearest to us feed our creativity as they allow us to be ourselves and free. Open your eyes, ears,nose and mind for an astounding life everyday.

Do this and you will find happiness.

This sculpture was lovely and i totally decided not to add an apple as was suggested.


poppy on love seat

Dolls provide fun and entertainment for many children.

As a child i had a habit of tearing off their heads as i would rather be climbing around in the junkyards or playing tag in the laneways with the boys.  Now i  like to dress up as a doll.

Barbie, you have not a chance with me.

Poppy was on a loveseat with her head by her side.

By the way the beads were given to me as i was showing boobies… heee hee hee.

three hunks

After all it was pride week and boys were galavanting everywhere. I say the more boys the better.

Three hunks were hung, sexy and entertained many.

I adore the energy of our city during pride.

It really is the best outdoor party that TO hosts.

Happy pride to all!




Reaching was done in an elongated daliesque fashion.

Slightly exaggerated but very effective.

Holes are meant to be filled and unfilled. So much fun to be had!!!


Perfect beach weather. Margarethe was present. Lovely with her beach necklace and white hat. She is a cancer and a friend that all should have. For her,  to honour her birthday crustacia was born.

She was huge.  I was warning  fellow beachgoers “beware of crabs” but seeing as many landscape and manscape there was not too much alarm.

Endless summers would be awesome…

casimir, the indian chief and cockubine

So the title is long but has to be. My sibling came to help me out for the day.

I wanted to do a big project and was trying a different technique. 2 strong bodies and one and a half volunteers made for a fun day and project. (one volunteer quit after 1+ hours of collecting water).

Many people comment on how strong my body is.  If they pick up the buckets with water or watch how much hard labour is actually involved they would understand  sculpting is a work out and  lasts for hours.

Any one up for a little beach boot camp. Bring snacks, water and sunscreen there is much work to do.

A group effort,  a lovely result.


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