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Imagine the headlines,  “Fish swallows girl.” It does happen but not usually at Hanlan’s.

Create an image and make it a reality. ( a really short lived reality in sand)

So beware of  big fish for they indeed, can swallow you up.


Mino is a dino totally conceived from my vision.

If i had a pet dinosaur mino would be it.

His tail had three spikes just like his back and his tongue was out as it was hot.

Lots of pics as he was large and different in many angles.

This day i was fortunate to have a professional artist play in the sand beside me. Her sculpture was lovely although it was not complete.

The energy of creation was everywhere.

double pleasure

This day i was challenged with many interruptions… therefore a belly button was never made.

Boy! Who needs a belly button?  When you have two lovely cocks.

Remember sharing is caring.

diablo 8/12

When i am feeling like i need comfort diablo always comes to my rescue.

He was placed leaning in the sand dunes. He was huge and lasted a few days, but not without battle wounds.

How can you not fall in love with him ?

spread and stuffed

The title says it all.” What was the gender of the subjects”? i was asked.

What do you see? Or want to see?


A most fabulous sea creature. The male carries the eggs for the female. During courtship they link their tails together for hours. They are slow and camouflage themselves to guard predators.

For this my second seahorse i used a model from Greece. This model was beautiful and smelled like the salty waters in which it lived. The fin on the back was not present.

I patiently detailed the body and placed it on a rock for protection.(Rock made by myself in sand).  Nereus came from a place i have yet to visit but with such natural  beauty there,  it will be worth the trip.

shackled and stretched

She was stretched on her back and shackled at her hands and feet.

She was silenced by the gag mask which featured a zipper at the mouth opening.

I suspect there was a mutual agreement and she made herself available in ways her

master saw fit.

She was having too much fun !!!





Wanting to do Stevan’s face since last summer.

If you saw him you would understand why, he is so devilishly handsome.

I thank him for being a most excellent model but regret i wasn’t able to capture his beauty.

Practise makes perfect therefore i need to practise…

and practise i do!

nipple tweak

Do not underestimate the sensation in the nipples.

They should never be ignored and are a tremendous erogenous zone.

No matter the gender or size.

Nipple play is mandatory.

cock worship

The brain is the most important sexual organ.

Then there is the cock which like the brain controls much of what a guy does.

Cock worship is an act of love and the person worshipping is in control of pleasures that only he knows.

Oh to have a cock… what would that be like ?

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