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This sculpture was made on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Have we not been so blessed from mother earth this summer/fall?

I named her nixie. A mermaid travels through water to anywhere… what a fantasy! I left her on the beach and she will probably follow the monarch butterflies to Cancun because the weather will soon change. Hello fall!

This day i accepted a tip from a fellow beach goer. Is it a sign i too should pack up and chase the sun, find a beach and do what i enjoy most. We shall see. We can dream and if we believe dreams do come true.

cocked & ready

There were many boys on the beach this day and why not celebrate the male form.

Hanlan’s a wonderful place to walk free and be proud of all you are, as you are. We are so privileged to share this unique experience as so many repressed places in this world do not accept the nudity nor our acceptance of sexuality.

Never forget that many have fought for these freedoms. Thank-you to all the pioneers and those who continue to stand up for our rights. The fight is never over and i never take these liberties for granted.

cocked and ready… no explanation needed.

lucky doll

Lucky doll is gorgeous and carved out of wood.  He belongs to a friend and was kidnapped by me and taken to Jamaica while the owner was in Cuba.

Lucky is originally from Borneo. He was the main character for a scrapbook while he was in Hedo, Jamaica. He made tons of friends and slept with me. Lucky even got to be photographed in the cockpit of the plane. So much travel for such a little guy.

I love lucky and sculpted his image in sand as my friend is turning 50 soon. Lucky continues on adventures, oh what fun to be left on Hanlan’s beach.  We should all be so lucky.


eyes of stone

A lovely September day and the beach was sparse. Thunderstorms were in the forecast and crap i forgot my music which i use to concentrate and serve as an excuse for not hearing people which truly results in enabling me to focus and create. I have found music inspiring and the melodies contribute to the rhythm of the  movement required for this work.

Nonetheless i had a project to do and the sand was waiting. Faces are different from all angles and capture emotion.

Eyes of stone appeared voodoo.  I used rocks for the teeth and was lucky to find the two large jagged rocks that had both dark and light,  perfect to fill the sockets.

In this world we all need protectors. I left ‘eyes of stone’ on the beach to guard off the evils of fall for a while.


apres coitus

As an observer of the human species i am always left in awe. People are fascinating and yes you should never judge or assume.

Apres coitus was a piece described by one observer as resembling art deco… but the real treat this day was that all the men loved the mood, the affection, the closeness portrayed. Yes men love affection and are affectionate and at times more than women.

Never assume that men do not adore closeness and touch. We all need  the warmth of a hot blooded body. Nothing beats that feeling.

Appropriately named “apres coitus” as one can envision the calm after the lovely, nasty  act of coitus.

3 in a bed

It started hot this day and the beach was busy. Many people to greet and hug, looming in all our heads the thought of cooler days… yuck!

Well i cannot say i am totally pleased with this piece as i would have liked more time to refine it, then the rain came… then the cold… c’est la vie. It is out of our control and we must accept the outcome even if we are not totally content with it.

There is always next time. 3 in the bed was quite cartoonish and put a smile on many faces.  Leaving them to get drenched they were looking up at the skies as i fled to a warmer, drier place.  I hope this is not my last time for the season at Hanlan’s and betting many feel my sentiment.

I love Hanlan’s !

well endowed

Finding that when i make a member so large many men are left uneasy. “Why so big?” they ask. I respond that i can make them as big as i want as it is my expression.

Having said that, size may matter to some but the desire behind pleasing another is most important. Use your tools wisely and have fun no matter what size we are.

heart in hand

Speckles was a friend to Periwinkles and Mr. Bean. Speckles made us laugh and was a delight. The little guy passed away at 5 months and never did fly. He waited for me to arrive home and died in my hands. I felt his last heartbeat in my hand as he passed. He will suffer no longer.

He will be missed by his feathered friends and by me immensely. How a little creature can bring us such joy and contentment is unreal. Speckles was beautiful and super special. This sculpture required much amounts of sand as it was large and was protected by the rocks. Check out the rainbow in the last photo. Perfect moment and a totally magical outcome.

I love you Speckles baby!


I needed to work to keep my mind off of things. I made gitana, appropriately named as gitana means gypsy.

My sculptures last moments. They are temporary and fragile, and today i  had an awakening of the fragility of life  when i returned home. This day i broke my beach necklace and arrived at  the 6 pm ferry by a hair. One of those days and sometimes time does matter.

the fly

This fly was modelled after one i have placed on my kitchen wall. Oh to be a fly on the wall and get to hear and see secrets would be cool.

The wings were a challenge to achieve as sand is not light in nature. The result was etching on the top and a pink plastic accessory for the mouth… voila, and a fly is born. Odd that it turned out to be the David Cronenberg’s the Fly anniversary, discovered later that day.

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