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2010 Summer – Hanlan’s Point Sculpture – July 15

helmutt and jr was challenging as there were many rocks involved in this project.  I collected 5 buckets of rocks on the shore to complete the back of helmutt.  Helmutt’s little face lights up and he looks alive – I think they are a great addition to Hanlan’s

Now if only I could convince the city worker who maintains the beach to let them live for a couple days.

2010 Summer – Hanlan’s Point Sculptures – July 11 & 12

Slick was a request from one of the regular beach bums.  Slick was life size but was destroyed in the morning by the tractor that clears the beach.

Alexandra was made on a platform and carved away.

2010 Summer – Hanlan’s Point Sculptures

I’ve met and interacted with so many wonderful people.  Amidst all the chaos in the city, Hanlan’s provides us with a theraputic escape.  I would like to thank all the people who’ve commented on my work and the website so far.

I do this to beautify the beach and peoples lives.  Peace and respect for all those with good intentions.

It’s been wonderful to see people participating with the art on the beach.   Stimulating a little creativity – people beautifying the world a little bit.

The simplicity of a bucket, a plastic knife and a sprayer can make beautiful work… although not everyone has 5 hours (or the patience) to sit on the beach like me.

It’s great to create positive energy.

Here’s what I’ve done throughout this lovely summer of 2010

2009 – Hedonism

Hedonism 2009 – I LOVE waterslide!!!  This was the first year that I started to really take pictures of my work (on nude beach) despite the ‘no photography or video’ rule.  I was very respectful of not taking pictures of others, so the staff was pretty good about it.  It’s a shame that I didn’t start taking pictures earlier – there were a number of sculptures from previous years that didn’t make it.

2010 Hedonism – Sculptures

Jamaica – The best place on earth!  I LOVE Waterslide! My favorite playground

2009 Summer – Hanlan’s Point Sculptures

2009 Winter – Ice Sculpture

'ice goddess' - 2009; Downtown (Toronto, Ontario)

2008 Winter – Ice Sculpture

'frontal nudity' - 2009; Downtown (Toronto, Ontario)

Searching for purpose

I am starting to explore creating art using various mediums.  My hope is to document my work, and meet other artists along the way.

Sensual Sculptress Featured in Hedonism III Newletter ( May 2010 )

Sensual Sculptress Featured in Hedonism III Newletter ( May 2010 )

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