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artist on b’day

If I ruled the world i would make it mandatory to rest and play on Birthdays.

The day off to do nothing and everything you want to do. To have indulgences and nothing out of reach.

To have all floatable toys available to you at all times.

I was lucky to have all of the above.

I would like to thank  the staff at Hedonism for all their excellent service.

They fed me, quenched my thirst, manicured my beach, cleaned my room, entertained me and all the while with smiles.

No wonder i have vacation withdrawal upon arrival. It is too good to be true.

I had a most wonderful celebration.

Quack! Quack!

quack quack

quack quack

artist on swan

artist on swan

pride 2011

Pride 2011. Yeah! The energy was incredible. The people were in attendance and what a turn out. The music was roaring and the bodies were sweating to the rhythms of the beats. Spectacular once again.
I adore this day as people are so expressive with costumes and are a little less inhibited (does it have anything to do with the nectar of the gods? most likely).
Being of the free nature i always take advantage of the no shirt required rule.
Ladies if you do not take advantage of your liberties they may be taken away!
I am comfortable and know that many may not be so self confident and in this world of twitter, facebook and  whatever else, some people must protect there anonymity. Unfortunately we are still judged and many of us must protect our images.
What a shame? What image does a woman who is topless portray?
I would say she is confident, strong and beautiful. No negativity at all.
The world may think she is loose and sleazy and some may be uncomfortable by someone else’s nudity.
The more we get accustomed to different ways of being the more they do not matter. Seeing people dressed, nude, semi-clothed.
All the same to me.
Get used to it and get over it i say.
I drew two little hearts on my boobies and coloured them in pink to match my pink crystal hat.
Pride was a hit !!!

artist at pride

Summary of Summer 2010

We Torontonians are so lucky to have a clothing optional beach just minutes away from a congested downtown city. I am fortunate to have a place to do my art au naturel. Art is meditative, therapeutic and the beach embraces that calm. Meeting people from all walks of life is an adventure in itself. The beach buzzes with secadas, laughs and people of all ages playing. 

 The most popular and well received sculpture was diablo, the huge teddy bear. Doing mainly erotic/nudes previous to that probably kept some people distant  but how could a teddy bear be scary.  The trophy for me that day in making diablo, was an eight year old boy coming up to me and exclaiming ‘Did you make that bear?’ really staring at it and then he said ‘cool’

Then I experimented on different subjects and had fun working with different coloured sand and of course all the natural props the beach had to offer.

Art comes in many forms and although I work hard and am not compensated for it I truly enjoy beautifying the beach as I am surrounded by the awe of nature.

Kick back and experiment, allow yourself the vulnerability of being completely free, no clothes. We are all perfectly imperfect and there is no better feeling than the sun warming us.

How bland the world would be with white walls and no art. Feel from within and create your own art. We all have some hidden talent waiting to be unleashed.

Thank-you for viewing and I appreciate comments. Would love to further my work in the art world and am open to discovering and learning more.  If you are a resort owner that has a clothing optional beach I am for hire. I will pack the sunscreen.

More to come …

The Sensual Sculptress

About the Sensual Sculptress

I have been doing sand sculptures for 10 years after discovering that I could not lie still on a beach. My inspiration comes from the sensuality of nature, the human body and my mind. I am an organic artist using all natural elements from the beach, the only tool I use is a bucket. My art beautifies the beach, stirs conversation and the artist at work provides an element of theatre and play on the beach. What they see is an open minded active individual that spends much time and devotion to her craft. Art is my passion and I am happy to share with those who appreciate. Please feel free to contact me at

Thank you for viewing.

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