Having to deal with the chaos of children, family and wearing a bathing suit. It was definitely different for me. Lot of distraction wearing no headphones to zone out and therefore paying attention to the children and sharing my tools for them to play with. Also giving them advice and tips for better sand sculpting.
I was told to pose  with vines by a person who wanted a picture of my art” as you are the artist you must be included in the picture” she said. On nude beach i would have said no in a instant.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on Centre Island. Playing with others is so rewarding and awesome.
In retrospect I would have given the monkey some texture. If you care to look back at my benjamin bear sculpture you will see the texture i would have liked to portray.
Is anything ever complete?
My experience of this day: it was wonderful to meet and interact with such lovely people and a honour to make this image for my beloved niece. Thank-you, as i inspire many i also take inspiration from you.