It was a hot afternoon when i arrived. I needed space and time to meditate. The subject was a spider. Spiders remind me to be patient and that there will come a time when the attack is successful… but we have to be smart and proceed with care.

The rock underneath took some time as it was large but the energy exerted was necessary for me this day.

I came away from the beach with a head that told me to breath, be smart and conquer all that is dealt to me in life. The patient, calm people thrive in this world as they can flourish under any circumstances.

Octo had eight black eyes, 3 red rocks on his back and tentacles for exploring and securing the prey and of course he was left on a rock so the waves would not wash him away.

Octo’s biggest predator are the groomers @ Hanlan’s Point who knowingly drive through the sculptures for fun.  Could they not leave the pieces to deteriorate with the elements. That in itself is special. Too bad some don’t see the big picture!