trash at Hanlan's

trash at Hanlan’s

bagged and ready to toss

bagged and ready to toss

We live in a world of massive consumption and plenty. Many of us are oblivious to nature and surroundings as we are filled with other life pressures or perhaps have never awoke to the reality that this earth is meant to be respected and cared for.  Beach visitors want a clean and safe space and there is plenty of  volunteer litter control done.

Kindly put litter in the garbage, have a makeshift ashtray and clean before leaving, glass bottles are a hazard if broken.

Respect the planet and it will nourish us… pollute the planet and we pollute ourselves. Simple.

This day was far too cold to make a sculpture so i got moving and collected some trash. Perhaps the worlds changing climate has something to do with our excesses… we can make a difference, start today.