artist with Water Slide Queen Crown

artist with Water Slide Queen Crown

What a blast. The ultimate adult playground. Do you like to play?

Fantasies are fulfilled at your whim should your pursue them.

Jamaica has much energy and magic, the people, colours, flavours, all for us to enjoy.

Could not think of a better place to celebrate a Birthday.

At hedo i am the artist, Water Slide Queen  and pixie of the playground.

With a few afternoons of rain, projects were smaller but still had presence on the beach.

Many are baffled at the amount of work i take on especially on vacation but i feel contentment and peace after a good days work and every beach needs beautifying.

My role as Water Slide Queen sets an example for others to play and for me it helps burn off all the  over indulgences.

Jamaica, although you are far you always hold a special place in my heart and soul ,ya mon… me soon come!