Hello all and how lucky am i to have been in my favourite playground. Where all you need is sunscreen, a toothbrush, and costumes of course.

The water slide was under repairs so i did not get my biggest workout doing water slide. Rather i had to gather the fine sand for sculpture from the shore and carry to my working area. Collecting the sand for the sculptures is half the work taking  many trips carrying a 20lb bucket full of wet sand and doing it over and over again until there was enough sand for sculpture. I can not complain carrying an ice bucket full of sand allows you to scope out the people, see what they are doing and it sure beats aerobics. The beach maintenance workers were excellent, letting me borrow their shovels and respecting the sculptures,  as were security as pics are not allowed on nude beach. As you can see i do not need to take pics of people as i can make my own.

 The deterioration is a marvel to watch as nature, birds,sun, wind,rain,cats and crabs all call the beach their own.

Nothing remains perfect forever and perfection is unattainable.

Beauty is everywhere and Jamaica reminds us that life is WOW! Which is why i pick this lovely destination to spend my Birthday. Many friends and smiling faces.

Thank-you Hedo and i hope you enjoy.