Artist trip 12

Artist trip 12

April is a treat for me as i gift myself this wonderful getaway for my birthday. This was trip twelve!

This time was even better as i decided to spend 2 weeks instead of the usual 10 days.

The temperature was hot, the people, warm and happy. The locals are hospitable and i love their charisma and dedication to us. Beauty and good energy all ’round.

I made eleven sculptures. They were pristine for moments. The rain touched them, the sun eroded them and the trade winds blew them away.

Moments of sheer happiness and joy after working out in the sun… oh what fun!!!

Hedonism truly brings out the best in me as i capture energy from the sun that allows me to create, and the freedoms here are like nowhere else on earth. My favourite playground…

One year older and enjoying every moment life has to offer… i can fly as i have wings, you too can fly and be free.