Richard is a very warm, caring person that oozes love and respect. He is one of the beach groomers. He so neatly manicures the area and keeps my art at its possible best.

My last day on the lovely land of Jamaica i wake up and come down to the beach to reserve my seat and i see this beautiful sculpture beneath remnants of mine. It was very moving as i have had the power to inspire another. Not only did he make a sculpture he gave king  a new mouth.

We can all make the world more beautiful with our deeds. We also feel great in creating beauty and contributing in positive ways.

The world can be so much better if we see this and act.

I was so touched by this simple gesture. It really was a priceless moment for me.

Thank-you Richard, respect, mon!

The las pic is a signature i always leave behind, a spider.

The heart is the love i have for this place called Hedonism in lovely Jamaica.

Love makes the world go round.