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Francisco the snail. The name is in honour of two beautiful people i met this day.

I had fun covering myself with the dark sand and they too did the same. Sand is an awesome exfolient.

The model for this sculpture is on francisco’s back.

Every day i live and breathe i feel more connected to this planet and the life on it.

butterfly for E

Was not supposed to work this day but my friend was a little late on his visit to Hanlan’s and i started to collect sand.

While he read some chapters of his book i managed to make this butterfly.

I send butterflies to many of my loved ones. Just in thought,  not real ones.

Butterflies are totally beautiful, fragile, yet they accomplish amazing feats.

I just adore them.

Good luck E. I love you and wish you a big and beautiful life.

Hey everyone…  the biggest gift is LOVE. Spread it around.


untied girl with zucchini

Was told by a fellow artist that it looked like a Henry Moore sculpture.

Total compliment as he is a known, albeit  now dead, sculptor. Thanks.

She had lopsided boobs, but most females do. The rope at her back was loosened and she was fit with a zucchini.

Why a zucchini ? It was in abundance in the garden.


We are all descendants of Africa & connected to this earth.

Celebrate our roots. Protect and nurture our mother earth and she will continue to stupefy us with her amazing wonders.

Life is bless ed!


A circle of people equals a continuation of life.

A friend gave me a cherry to put in the bum hole. A seagull stole her cherry.

True story and funny!



Imagine the headlines,  “Fish swallows girl.” It does happen but not usually at Hanlan’s.

Create an image and make it a reality. ( a really short lived reality in sand)

So beware of  big fish for they indeed, can swallow you up.


Mino is a dino totally conceived from my vision.

If i had a pet dinosaur mino would be it.

His tail had three spikes just like his back and his tongue was out as it was hot.

Lots of pics as he was large and different in many angles.

This day i was fortunate to have a professional artist play in the sand beside me. Her sculpture was lovely although it was not complete.

The energy of creation was everywhere.

double pleasure

This day i was challenged with many interruptions… therefore a belly button was never made.

Boy! Who needs a belly button?  When you have two lovely cocks.

Remember sharing is caring.

diablo 8/12

When i am feeling like i need comfort diablo always comes to my rescue.

He was placed leaning in the sand dunes. He was huge and lasted a few days, but not without battle wounds.

How can you not fall in love with him ?

spread and stuffed

The title says it all.” What was the gender of the subjects”? i was asked.

What do you see? Or want to see?

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