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fun stretch

She was angled and not wanting her left alone i made her a gift.

Oh the many positions bodies can go.

Be creative, breathe…  and most of all have fun.


Of dark eyes, the meaning of siyamak.

Faces can be seen in so many forms dependant on the shadows. Always changing and fascinating how they glance back at you.

This was a menacing face with much character. Perfect addition for Hanlan’s beach.

Imagine what we could see if our eyeballs were further out of our sockets?

long legs

So i will divulge some info on my likings. I just find tall skinny people so hot.

Long legs was a boy with exaggerated leg length and he was in a pose that stirred many a comment.

How much fun can we have on the beach? Oh! Too much fun. We are all so happy to be together with our beach friends once again.


for mama

For mama i made a face. This was left on the beach for all mamas, after all it was mother day’s soon.

Trying to capture serenity and calm, attributes for being a good mother.

She was peaceful and almost as tall as me.

Happy mother’s day to all!


Hanlan’s Point beach is one beautiful place,  perhaps a secret to many still. All of us who share this beach cherish our moments and magic happens all the time and everywhere. Be aware and you will see.

Olga was my first sculpture for the month of May. She was lying on her back and had perky parts and was happy to be at the beach. The sun and water … so healing. The heat is on and many sculptures yet to make. Yeah!

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