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pink ruffles


pink ruffles

I originally bought this fabric to make a top for last years pride party.

It cost me 6 bucks. This is what it became. I wore it for rock star theme night. It was a hit paired with ginormous glasses.

Dressing up is so much fun!

butterfly sarong

This sarong was made by me. I had bought this fabric over a year ago and was determined to find a use for it.

I hung it on a wall and patiently drew the butterfly.

Not only did it serve as a sarong for myself it makes a great purse and looks stunning on my playmate.

Butterflies are so beautiful and fragile … so are we!

2 fish by Richard

Richard is a very warm, caring person that oozes love and respect. He is one of the beach groomers. He so neatly manicures the area and keeps my art at its possible best.

My last day on the lovely land of Jamaica i wake up and come down to the beach to reserve my seat and i see this beautiful sculpture beneath remnants of mine. It was very moving as i have had the power to inspire another. Not only did he make a sculpture he gave king  a new mouth.

We can all make the world more beautiful with our deeds. We also feel great in creating beauty and contributing in positive ways.

The world can be so much better if we see this and act.

I was so touched by this simple gesture. It really was a priceless moment for me.

Thank-you Richard, respect, mon!

The las pic is a signature i always leave behind, a spider.

The heart is the love i have for this place called Hedonism in lovely Jamaica.

Love makes the world go round.

boobie ride

Boobie ride was dedicated to my playmate as it is one of his favorite activities.  Sharing this secret with a few of the fellow beach crawlers, they laughed and of course I said it was impossible with my physical attributes.

skin to skin contact is great – experiment – enjoy!

king of cunnilingus

King of cunnilingus was a larger project

He could lick a whole woman in one stroke!  Perhaps he didn’t lose his tongue to the crashing waves, rather he was licking those in need and wore out his tongue.

Faces are challenging but you must practise in order to get better at anything.


anal dreams

Not being able to decide what pics to choose, i chose many.

So different and lovely from all angles. Had many a conversation about this project.

Once again the men talked about the size. It is not the size. It is how you feel and how you make others feel that is important.

Be proud of all your parts and own them. They are all we’ve got and using them is fun, fun, fun!!!

Caution smaller holes require patience and a little coaxing… and slippery stuff.

hedo collage 2

hedo bear,mathilde,buns &double headed fantasy

Luckier to have 4 sculptures survive to take a photo.

Life is good at Hedo and thank-you to all the beach groomers who respect the art allowing me to share with others.

Yah mon! Respect.

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