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hedo bear

hedo bear

Like every person needs a teddy bear every beach should have one as well.

Hedo bear was massive from all the visuals  and plenty  other stimulation.

His eyes were like buttons and he had thumbs for a reason.

It is hot in Jamaica and he was super fired!

hedo collage 1


collage- double headed fantasy,mathilde & buns

Keeping the structures wet or moist so the sun does not erode them is important. I had an emergency and had to send my playmate to get me a sprayer. Guerilla tactics are necessary sometimes in order to preserve the art. ( No person was harmed).

I felt lucky to have three days of work left on the beach. Yah Mon!


Bums are so lovely. Especially the tight, round ones.

I got on my knees to create buns and she had no tan lines! … just like me.

There was a little gape in her bum hole.

double headed fantasy

Well, we all can dream. Imagine what could be done if this came to life.

Not many of us could handle it but the thought leaves some excited.  DP with one body would be a little less awkward than what we may have already encountered.





Oh how we all love girls. They were everywhere & bare and beautiful and probably a little more opt to play than mathilde.

Mathilde lasted about 7 days. Got rained on, trampled by birds and finally passed as the water washed her away.

She was made of sand and no rocks were used to decorate her anywhere. Mathilde lying on her back staring up at the sun made me envious of her leisure time.



Hedonism ll 2012 art trip

the artist

I was lucky to have a few days in March at Hanlan’s but way more fortunate to travel to my favourite adult playground in Jamaica. Yah mon! My ninth time to this destination as there is no other that compares. I LOVE HEDO!

I was there on my birthday and magic is all around. The heat of the sun creates an energy that allows creativity to flow. The water sounds calm the earth and art is born after a few hours of work and sweat.

All of us in our natural forms with nothing to hide and as pure as the day we became. Life can not be better than being present in lovely Jamaica. Pack a few costumes, lotion and off we go… enjoy.



Hanlan’s point in March. Unbelievable, to be prancing in the buff and sculpting in the sand.Even the water was inviting for short moments. The beach had a few regular fans and the sun was radiant. March 21st… unreal.

Wanting to leave something pretty on the beach i created a male form connected to a log which had washed up from the winter. Hanlan’s is lovely in every season and the scattered logs untouched by the crews who clean them up in summer reminded many of us of other places, perhaps wreck beach.

As i did not bring a water bottle details were not perfect. I made him nippleless. He was  lovely and many wanted to jump him. Happy spring to all!

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