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This sculpture was made on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Have we not been so blessed from mother earth this summer/fall?

I named her nixie. A mermaid travels through water to anywhere… what a fantasy! I left her on the beach and she will probably follow the monarch butterflies to Cancun because the weather will soon change. Hello fall!

This day i accepted a tip from a fellow beach goer. Is it a sign i too should pack up and chase the sun, find a beach and do what i enjoy most. We shall see. We can dream and if we believe dreams do come true.

cocked & ready

There were many boys on the beach this day and why not celebrate the male form.

Hanlan’s a wonderful place to walk free and be proud of all you are, as you are. We are so privileged to share this unique experience as so many repressed places in this world do not accept the nudity nor our acceptance of sexuality.

Never forget that many have fought for these freedoms. Thank-you to all the pioneers and those who continue to stand up for our rights. The fight is never over and i never take these liberties for granted.

cocked and ready… no explanation needed.

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