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heart in hand

Speckles was a friend to Periwinkles and Mr. Bean. Speckles made us laugh and was a delight. The little guy passed away at 5 months and never did fly. He waited for me to arrive home and died in my hands. I felt his last heartbeat in my hand as he passed. He will suffer no longer.

He will be missed by his feathered friends and by me immensely. How a little creature can bring us such joy and contentment is unreal. Speckles was beautiful and super special. This sculpture required much amounts of sand as it was large and was protected by the rocks. Check out the rainbow in the last photo. Perfect moment and a totally magical outcome.

I love you Speckles baby!


I needed to work to keep my mind off of things. I made gitana, appropriately named as gitana means gypsy.

My sculptures last moments. They are temporary and fragile, and today i  had an awakening of the fragility of life  when i returned home. This day i broke my beach necklace and arrived at  the 6 pm ferry by a hair. One of those days and sometimes time does matter.

the fly

This fly was modelled after one i have placed on my kitchen wall. Oh to be a fly on the wall and get to hear and see secrets would be cool.

The wings were a challenge to achieve as sand is not light in nature. The result was etching on the top and a pink plastic accessory for the mouth… voila, and a fly is born. Odd that it turned out to be the David Cronenberg’s the Fly anniversary, discovered later that day.

the tongue

The tongue… a  fleshy, muscular organ used for tasting, licking , swallowing and speaking.

This tongue was large, as i could fit my body on it, pierced, and it looked to be lapping water. If this tongue came to life i could have been licked to death… what a way to go!

My requests for the beach groomers to respect the sculptures has not been successful as seen in the final picture.


A butterfly, adorabella, a request from a fellow beach goer. Since visiting the butterfly conservatory in Niagara i have a new appreciation of this beautiful creature.

Fragile yet resilient enough to travel great lengths.

The butterfly is  beauty perfected.

I took a picture the following day and the  black rocks used to decorate the wings can be seen as the wind blows adorabella away.


Alex had a birthday and material gifts are so overrated. This year i made her a doll and a cake.

Spending about six hours on this project i was content with the outcome. She had a seashell on her bedpost, a pillow, shoes made out of rocks and button eyes, her lips were red as was her hair. Alex named her jaz.

Lying on a bed,staring at the clouds on the beach with flowers surrounding her head ,dreamy.



Pegging refers to the act of a person using a strap on dildo , usually anally and administered to men.

I had to explain pegging to a few and thought to include the explanation.

He had an exaggerated thrust and was ready.

He to had a short life at the feet of haters.



Kamau means quiet warrior, that explains his missing tooth. It was a quiet day on the beach and perfect to experiment with carving details. Kamau was large and had a presence as if he was exchanging energies from the shore.

I left him and he was destroyed in the morning.  Some one is destroying my work. Haters suck, you who remain anonymous for the moment, explain to me “what joy you get out of destroying?” I pity you and your sad life. Come forward and make yourself known, give me a reason.

I make temporary art and some gets destroyed by nature,totally understandable to me… the other leaves me curious.

majestic bear

This bear was modelled after a bear that had been hiding underneath my bathroom cupboard in some bath set for years. This day i had a poppa bear project in mind. Finding the perfect rocks for the nose and eyes took time.

So in all his glory majestic bear lying on the beach and filling his space like the rest of us.

Some found it a tad disturbing yet another asked if he could sit on it.

Regardless everyone agreed that he had the cutest  face. Majestic was huggable for sure.

Thank-you to the gentleman who assisted with the prop for me to stand on to take pictures.  I have included my feet in the face pic for size reference. He was large in so many ways.


2 in the pink

2 in the pink was a delightful project. The day was overcast and hot and the beach was not so busy. I had work to do. My leg injury from the bike fall and life kept me away from art and the beach for over a week, pity.

She was strong and long legged yet soft enough to touch. Hands feel great on/in us. Foreign hands which we desire even more, as there is no greater pleasure than not knowing what you’ll be getting next. Touch heals us,it warms us and excites us.

Reach out and touch someone… but only, if you have their permission.

Feel the fingers caressing you and breathe.

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