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Pride week and all. Time to reflect and open our minds.

Hermaphi has all the important body parts. A perfect , complete person in my view.

It does not matter what gender we are, what body parts we come equipped with. The biggest sexual organ is the brain.

People are wonderful and amazing. Let’s love whoever we want regardless.

As if our sexuality is anyone’s business. Get busy and love and let others do so.

Funny how i found these beads lying around the beach. Someone’s broken necklace became the letters for my message.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.  Look around and you will see a purpose for many things. Beauty can come of many hidden objects, of which the imagination has the power to unleash.

Happy Pride !!!

for Rupes

This is dedicated to my lovely friend Rupes. He is extremely fascinating as he is always on some kind of adventure. We are of the same cloth. I love him for his” joie de vivre” and for being unique.

We all long for excitement and pushing our boundaries.

What fun to be free and experimenting.

I used two colours of sand as different colours represent  different people.  We all bleed red so essentially we are the same.  The contrast of skin tones can be super exciting in real life.

Variety, there is no other choice.

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