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Lucky is a lady bug. laima is lucky and so am i. This day i slid in streetcar tracks while on my bike. I fell on the street and quickly got myself to the sidewalk. I was shaking and had to rest my leg before i could move. My sandal broke. No one stopped to help me. What did i do? I got up when i could and went home to change footwear and rode back to the beach. The cool water kept the swelling down and activity is imperative as i hate being rigid.

The wall was built around laima as we all need protection, that is why we are lucky. Not sure if this wall will deter the groomers but maybe they may get a message from this. Perhaps they are like most who walk around with blinders on without a care or consideration for others or anything but their meager lives. Shame!



Dee was awesome. I was fortunate to have a live model. She is a  yoga expert and understands how to be still and relax. I should probably take some classes in relaxation as and i can never sit still, but there is always so much to do and get done.

A lovely form and woman.

Dee survived a mere 15 hours, succumbing to her death being run over by tires in the morning. Once again, thank-you to the groomers at Hanlan’s.



What a special day when a friend wants to go to Hanlan’s and experience the freedom sans clothes. He loved it and wants Friday’s off indefinitely.

As a fan of Burlesque he suggested a corset… thus ivy was born.

I really wanted some colour and picked from the gardens for the green and the rocks became holes of the corset and nipples. The nipples looked like flowers. She was tied tight at the waist and very lovely.

A decorative piece for the weekenders to enjoy,  if ivy is lucky enough to live.






The dragonfly will guide you through the mists of illusion to the pathway of transformation.

Her name is libella. She was lying on a rock as the wings seem to flutter.

I was content to have met a lovely  child & a tourist of Quebec who warmed my heart and offered me a cookie. She was beautiful and had so much poise. The artist received a reward that day. I love the awe of children.

I have word from the top that they will no longer run over my art. Yeah, the opportunity to capture a decaying sculpture is cool.



It was a hot afternoon when i arrived. I needed space and time to meditate. The subject was a spider. Spiders remind me to be patient and that there will come a time when the attack is successful… but we have to be smart and proceed with care.

The rock underneath took some time as it was large but the energy exerted was necessary for me this day.

I came away from the beach with a head that told me to breath, be smart and conquer all that is dealt to me in life. The patient, calm people thrive in this world as they can flourish under any circumstances.

Octo had eight black eyes, 3 red rocks on his back and tentacles for exploring and securing the prey and of course he was left on a rock so the waves would not wash him away.

Octo’s biggest predator are the groomers @ Hanlan’s Point who knowingly drive through the sculptures for fun.  Could they not leave the pieces to deteriorate with the elements. That in itself is special. Too bad some don’t see the big picture!

hand service

hand service was a request from a special some one.

I hope he enjoyed the end result,( the sculpture seemed too).

There was much sand used for this enormous hand and the head was as large as a human face. Just to give a perspective of size.

When sculptures are large they have a different presence. They belong and become a part of the beach.

I love Hanlan’s. It gives me an art studio in a outdoor  natural setting where I can express myself.  More should participate as i know they are so many talented people. Do not fear… practise makes perfect.




After the rain the sand was moist and magdalene appeared.

She is a lovely female form. We are available in every shape and size. That makes life’s aesthetics much more interesting.

Beauty lies within all of us . Unleash it and be sexy.



Having to deal with the chaos of children, family and wearing a bathing suit. It was definitely different for me. Lot of distraction wearing no headphones to zone out and therefore paying attention to the children and sharing my tools for them to play with. Also giving them advice and tips for better sand sculpting.
I was told to pose  with vines by a person who wanted a picture of my art” as you are the artist you must be included in the picture” she said. On nude beach i would have said no in a instant.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on Centre Island. Playing with others is so rewarding and awesome.
In retrospect I would have given the monkey some texture. If you care to look back at my benjamin bear sculpture you will see the texture i would have liked to portray.
Is anything ever complete?
My experience of this day: it was wonderful to meet and interact with such lovely people and a honour to make this image for my beloved niece. Thank-you, as i inspire many i also take inspiration from you.

pride 2011

Pride 2011. Yeah! The energy was incredible. The people were in attendance and what a turn out. The music was roaring and the bodies were sweating to the rhythms of the beats. Spectacular once again.
I adore this day as people are so expressive with costumes and are a little less inhibited (does it have anything to do with the nectar of the gods? most likely).
Being of the free nature i always take advantage of the no shirt required rule.
Ladies if you do not take advantage of your liberties they may be taken away!
I am comfortable and know that many may not be so self confident and in this world of twitter, facebook and  whatever else, some people must protect there anonymity. Unfortunately we are still judged and many of us must protect our images.
What a shame? What image does a woman who is topless portray?
I would say she is confident, strong and beautiful. No negativity at all.
The world may think she is loose and sleazy and some may be uncomfortable by someone else’s nudity.
The more we get accustomed to different ways of being the more they do not matter. Seeing people dressed, nude, semi-clothed.
All the same to me.
Get used to it and get over it i say.
I drew two little hearts on my boobies and coloured them in pink to match my pink crystal hat.
Pride was a hit !!!

artist at pride


This was one tight body! Thank-you , you know who you are for giving me a quick pose to ensure the proper proportions and lines.

Continuing a subject fellow beachgoers enjoy and thinking of the pride celebrations submit was born.

If you really loved someone would you do anything for them?

Submit leaves me feeling like taking advantage of that.

One surrendering all is pure and beautiful. Think of the possibilities.Endless… time permitting.

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