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Rekha was the first live model that I used for sculpture.  Interesting as i do so many body forms, but they all come to life from my vivid imagination, or experiences.

I had much fun and hope the model was pleased with the finished product.

rekha was comfortably placed on the shore allowing the sun to shine ,  the wind to cool, and the water to refresh her.

Tranquility at it’s best.


udo means peace. We can all use peace in these turbulent times. 

Dividing the sand in colours and using them to bring out the face of udo was an interesting  process. Hanlan’s is a great place to explore artistic creativity. Taking all elements of the beach: sand, water, rocks, feathers, and other finds. I wish more people would give it a try.  Decorating the beach is a wonderful adventure for me, always!

girl love

This was a day where there were a handful of people on the beach. I had all the time to concentrate and work… then came the mosquitos.

Working and being bitten i managed to cool off  in the water, perhaps freezing myself and not realizing how bad the bites actually were. The end result was over 80 mosquito bites all over. Scary as this has never happened to me in such numbers at Hanlan’s.

I am still itching… but not as delirious. The sculpture was not the only one being eaten. 



inkpen was given to me by my best friend. I just love fairies. So sweet, mischevious and magical, adding a childhood element to the beach reminds us of the kid inside all of us.

Fairies rule!


thighs was quite sexy and tight. It was almost a shame to add genitalia.

 A friend suggested leaving it bare nonetheless  the masculine form in all it’s glory.


victoria is in celebration of the female form. Lovely on her side and enjoying the warm sun.

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