On Saturday May 21st it was too lovely a day to pass up the opportunity to play in the sand.” Beautify the beach”.  as i would commonly say. I arrive to the ferry docks to see  a large crowd waiting to buy tickets. I had a prepaid and it took me 5 minutes shuffling to get  in through the gate. Why are the new wickets not operational? Was there not enough time in spring to finish construction? Just a thought considering the Toronto Islands are a popular tourist attraction and an attraction for those of us who frequently this lovely spot to get away from the smog of the city.

I arrive at the beach. No trash cans, debris all over and surprised to see so much wood and branches on the shores. There must have been over 100 people on the beach. Once again the question is why was this not cleaned up to prepare for the long weekend?

Met many friends at the beach this day. It was a little hard to work as i had many hugs and kisses to deliver. First day back from winter hibernation for most of us. These friendly faces are a community that gather at the same place as we have a common interest, we are happiest “au natural”. Many of us help to pick up glass and dangers from the beach. We bring bags to dispose of garbage when none are provided. We respect the beach and  have a little love for this sweet place.Rustic and never fancy. Just perfect.  We discussed why the beach was not cleaned up for us. Does it have anything to do with our Mayor, Mr. Ford? Are they thinking of expanding the airport and just taking away a little of our paradise? All i say is please please please do not take it away. I love it too much. Just wanting to talk aloud .

Heck if the city is too busy to clean up the beach i will gather up volunteers and get the job done. This place really means alot to many of us. A special thanks to the two gentlemen who helped me  to clear the weeds and branches to create space for my art.

Well the first sculpture of this year on Hanlan’s is entitled  “wood”. Appropriate for a day when wood was everywhere. Yeah! The season has begun.