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pink heart

pink heart

Happy Valentines Day fellow earthlings.For this simple but happy heart I used a washable paint.It was fun to experiment with colour.Very gently carving out the letters, adding some icicles dangling from the house and presto a Valentines heart fit for any sweetheart.P.S. Please remember we all come with an expiry date so let’s hug one another and love one another in the present.Hugs are free – providing all parties involved warmth and comfort.I personally enjoy the hot pressed bodies and of course being smothered. Oh now that’s another topic.

pink heart iced

buddha punk


It was perfect conditions for snow sculpture on this day. A balmy one degree and the snow was plentiful. Thanks to my playmate who shoveled the roof and got me lots of this beautiful white stuff.

I have one regret, that this one was not done in the front yard as this face really has lots of magical character and can look so different depending on light and angles.  Too bad it could not be transported to a park!

buddha punk really has a life of his own and he is huge.Definately the biggest of my sculptures thus far. buddha punk is dedicated to all my loved ones and is a sign of luck and hope… we can never have enough of that. I love you all and you know who you are.

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