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sir thomas

sir thomas was a delight to make.

It was my first snow male. His penis took 3 attempts before it stayed erect. Well worth it in the end… perseverance pays off.
Perfect working conditions he was left icy hard and looks like a greek marble sculpture. It is wonderful that such beauty can come from snow.
Where is a genie when you need them?… to wish sir thomas to come to life. Wow what a concept!

daisy duck

daisy duck was fun. In August I was asked if I could make a rubber duckie in the sand by a fellow beach goer and I said,” probably”. daisy didn’t come out last summer and opted to surface in the winter.

She was very cheerful and full of life on this cold January day. She has lots of space to add smiles to anyone that passed her in the yard.

This day was perfect for snow sculpture!

daisy and artist pic were taken the following day.

The rain took away some of her face detail but daisy was tough enough to handle me sitting on her back.  Strong and happy duck.

nymphs modified


The weather was perfect for snow sculpture on this day. The nymphs were in the yard and I couldn’t keep my hands off them.

They were alive and so different in all kinds of light. You could almost imagine them being able to move around. Forget that they are armless, headless and legless… they were sexy.

 In the daytime they looked like white marble.

krazee kimono

I so adore the kimono. Perfect for dinner parties,dates and after the beach. The sleeves are so practical as they can hold all kinds of things. Let your imagination inspire you.
Dressing should be fun and expressive. Go wild.

krazee kimono

the nymphs

 The nymphs are quite lovely just posed in their splendour.

 I should have done this one in the front yard. Although my retired neighbour might order an exorcism from the local priest if she was witness to these blasphemies.

 The weather was perfect and the snow co-operated. Yeah!

Playing outside gives us a sense of life. The sun,the air… amazing.

layla on Saturday

It was the first snowfal of 2011 and i could not resist the temptation of playing in the snow. Layla was born on saturday. Although the snow was not of excellent conditions (details impossible ) she still had life. Boy was she cold.

Summary of Summer 2010

We Torontonians are so lucky to have a clothing optional beach just minutes away from a congested downtown city. I am fortunate to have a place to do my art au naturel. Art is meditative, therapeutic and the beach embraces that calm. Meeting people from all walks of life is an adventure in itself. The beach buzzes with secadas, laughs and people of all ages playing. 

 The most popular and well received sculpture was diablo, the huge teddy bear. Doing mainly erotic/nudes previous to that probably kept some people distant  but how could a teddy bear be scary.  The trophy for me that day in making diablo, was an eight year old boy coming up to me and exclaiming ‘Did you make that bear?’ really staring at it and then he said ‘cool’

Then I experimented on different subjects and had fun working with different coloured sand and of course all the natural props the beach had to offer.

Art comes in many forms and although I work hard and am not compensated for it I truly enjoy beautifying the beach as I am surrounded by the awe of nature.

Kick back and experiment, allow yourself the vulnerability of being completely free, no clothes. We are all perfectly imperfect and there is no better feeling than the sun warming us.

How bland the world would be with white walls and no art. Feel from within and create your own art. We all have some hidden talent waiting to be unleashed.

Thank-you for viewing and I appreciate comments. Would love to further my work in the art world and am open to discovering and learning more.  If you are a resort owner that has a clothing optional beach I am for hire. I will pack the sunscreen.

More to come …

The Sensual Sculptress

one eyed cock on a rock with boots

It was interesting to add a surreal component. Could you imagine… if it could see, walk, run. What further trouble could be had? What a fun thought!

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