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fist self portrait

  This was the last sculpture on  Hanlan’s beach for this year. It was a large scale fist and it represent strength.

2010 Fall – Handmade Fetish Costume (October)

 Imagine showing up to a party and seeing someone else in your costume! Horrifying! Yet another reason I create my own look.  Nasty yet sweet. Black leather with white lace.

The mask was molded out of leather and my first attempt. It was comfortable and fun to peek through.

 The thong fit and was finished perfectly. Thank-you Karen Gunna.

diablo in lisbon

 My beloved bear had to appear on my trip and boy was he ever big!

diablo in lisbon aug. 2010

heart in bubble

Being a fan of the plastic rings at the dollar store, I was inspired and that idea led to more. Let’s glamorize that look. Wow!

Once again the jeweller brings my idea to life.

lizzy mermaid

Lizzy is thus called because she is from Lisbon, Portugal. The sand was of a coarser texture and detail was a little more difficult to acheive. She is so soft in this light.

lizzy mermaid- Lisbon Portugal 2010

silver balls necklace and bracelet

This was precisely what I had in mind but could not find… therefore I asked for a  jewellers assistance. This was a necklace worn years ago for my brothers wedding. It is timeless and elegant. Made of silver balls it mimics pearls but shines brighter. I like to twist it up and wear tighter around the neck as a choker, matched with the bracelet, excellent look. It sure gets comments.
If you ever have something in mind but cannot find speak to a jeweller. They are more than happy to create something to suit your taste. Personalized items rock and are unique.

silver balls- formal jewellery

friendship beachnecklace

This necklace  captures the energy of lights and the sun. On a gloomy day you can stare at the beads and your imagination will fly to far off lands. An escape in the mind.

Wear it long, on the side or put it around your neck twice/three times.It even serves as a bracelet. Gave away a few this year just to spread some love around.

skull bloomers

As an admirer of doll clothing, I could not resist the bloomer idea. This was costume for pride 2010. Using a potato, carving the design then hand printing each skull. Additionally I added fancy elastic and garter hooks, et voila.  Makes a great summer wardrobe piece.

skull bloomers

2010 Summer – Hanlan’s Point Sculpture – Aug 8

The sound of the secada encircles us everywhere  at Hanlan’s. I carried darker sand from the shore and experimented with the light sand for a very nice contrast and end result.  Feathers helped to carve the wings. After completion the secadas were content and the buzz was medative.

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